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Better Health Pro is much more than fitness training where you are encouraged to push weight or run countless mind numbing miles. Better Health Pro teaches you how to move, work, and perform efficiently in order to be able to sustain a life of fitness and a healthy life.

As a client you will be treated as an individual. Your specific needs and goals will be assessed and you will be encouraged to perform well beyond what you ever felt possible. Each client receives a comprehensive movement analysis to prevent injury and maximize results, cardiovascular and strength training for middle and long runners or those who wish to become better runners or run his/her first 5K, body composition tracking, nutritional advising, and all in a easy to follow comprehensive plan mapping out your road to success. You will succeed with Better Health Pro. 

Every membership comes with our free online resource that allows you to see and track your workouts and progress along with the ability to contact your trainer anytime from your phone, tablet or iPad. The online programs also comes with videos of each exercise so there is no guessing on how to perform them correctly along with detailed descriptions of pace, weight, and technique. You are never alone with Better Health Pro because we are always a phone call or text away from you.  

Better Health Pro has you covered no matter what your goals are. Contact us today to set up a free phone interview and learn how Better Health Pro can best help you!