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Better Health Pro is more than just a personal training studio—it is Stoneham's home of fitness. As a client you will be treated as an individual. Your specific needs and goals will be assessed and you will be encouraged to perform well beyond what you ever felt possible. Each client receives a comprehensive strength analysis, cardiovascular and VO2 Max Testing, body composition measurements, nutritional advising, functional movement analysis, and a comprehensive plan to map out your road to success. You will succeed with Better Health Pro. 

Better Health Pro developed the PFT Training system to encourage the inner athlete that is in all of us to come out and shine. The PFT Training system focuses on increasing your mobility and flexibility followed up by working to increase your stability under the methodically increasing demands of the workouts. Next we work on building up your strength, power, and finally athletic performance beyond your expectations. This step by step process is a scientifically proven way of building a foundation of success that will last a lifetime!


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