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What is PFT Training? PFT Training is a system designed by Dave owner of Better Health Pro to maximize your potential and decrease the risk of injury. Dave will come to you or consult with you over the phone and/or online to help detemine how he can best help you. You will be coached and guided through each stage of the building and learning process of becoming an healthy well balanced better you. PFT training focus on primarily the fundamental motor, physiological, and behavioral patterns that must be mastered to become a strong while preventing injury.  Each stage follows a program that starts with building functional mobility and balance through increased motor control, core strength, cardiovascular and strength performance, and technique. Better Health Pro with our custom PFT Training program will encourage that inner athlete that is in everyone to come out and shine. Contact us today to set up a phone or in person interview to see how PFT Training will help you!


PFT Training is perfect for those:

  • New to running 
  • Runners who want to tackle their first 5K to a Marathon
  • Runners that want to increase speed and stamina 
  • Those who have been injured and want to get back in shape
  • Those new to fitness or want to take their fitness to the next level. 
  • Those who want to run more for fitness purposes 
  • Anyone that wants to move better and feel better

 All Packages include:

  • Functional Movement Screen 
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Full Fitness Program that is accessible online anytime
  • Nutritional Advising 
  • Coaching at home, online, email, and text
  • Accountability! 

 Set up your free consultation to see how our PFT training system can help you!


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